About EffectCreator


EFFECTcreator was founded in December 2014 with the aim of focusing on EFFECT and IMPACT in Danish research. A lot of potential research ideas and projects are formulated but do not develop into projects which get funded. Lack of funding is, in many cases, what prevents you turning your ideas into projects.

With help from EFFECTcreator you can change that by focusing on EFFECT and IMPACT. This can turn your ideas into projects.

This will not only help you but also create EFFECT and IMPACT for society.

About Henrik Engell-Hedager

Henrik Engell-Hedager is sole owner and founded Effectcreator in December 2014. He has a solid background and experience in research management, administration, project management and support services since 2006. With active participation in Danish and European research administrative fora, Henrik has built up a network that not only benefits himself but also will give you advantages when you seek funding for your research project.

The most important mission for Effectcreator is to support the Danish research environment with a much more targeted application strategy. It is our experience that with a targeted application strategy, projects will be more focused and attractive for external funding and society.



Henrik has been administrative part of and support to successful applications to the following national and international funds:


National public funding:

The Danish Council for Independent Research

Innovation Fund Denmark



National private funding:

Lundbeck Foundation

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Danish Levy Funds


EU funding:

H2020 – ERC StG

H2020 – Twinning Project