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We are passionate about finding the right funds for you
Finding the right funds

Finding the right funds

We help you find the best funding opportunities and plan your funding activities.

Review of funding plans

Review of funding plans

We help you to optimise your funding activities you already have planned

Writing great fund applications

Writing great fund applications

We increase your changes of obtaining funds by focusing your fund applications an by ensuring that it meets all the requirements

Finding the right funds

Targeted application strategy (your individual project)

The funding landscape is broad and many possibilities are open for you. When you have an idea which funds are relevant for your project idea it might be an idea to take a closer look at the specific funding body and how to meet their conditions for funding.

You need funding for a particular project but have not yet succeeded. You might have applied for funding before without getting the grant or just did not reach the stage in your research development where an application was possible.

EFFECTcreator will help you identify the specific funds that maximise your chances of funding.

STEPS (4):

Evaluation of current situation – status of your project

Selected funding possibilities – identified and selected funder (s)

Analysis of relevance

Application and action plan

Review of funding plans

Targeted application strategy (funding portfolio)

You probably have many project ideas which you would like to develop, but do not have a proper plan for this. This may be the reason for always writing your applications close to deadline. You can change this with a targeted application strategy.

EFFECTcreator will identify the funds that maximise your chances of funding.

STEPS (3):

Identification of your research ideas/projects

Funding possibilities (based on your input former applications + funding calendar)

We will make a funding roadmap one year ahead

Writing great funding applications

The process of application writing can be stressful and always has many challenges both scientifically and administratively. EFFECTcreator helps you with the planning phase and ensures that all administrative requirements are met.


STEPS (4):

Thorough reading of call texts and requirements

Create application in funders system (where possible)

Collection of written material and support during uploading of relevant documents

Proof-reading of administrative parts of application